Award Winning Design

- Thursday, November 10, 2011

I was amazed and delighted when my design for a silver and copper clay bracelet won second place at the annual Art Clay Guild Conference.

A lot of the work I tinker with on my own at home is experimental - what can I do with this piece of clay, what can it do for me?  Recently, I've been experimenting with Art Clay Copper and with this piece, I wanted to know if the copper clay would shrink at the same rate as the silver clay, if it didn't, the  bracelet design wouldn't work. Good news - it did and this piece won second prize at the recent UK Art Clay Guild conference - I was stunned!
(First place was won by the amazing Lesley Messum - I feel even more honoured!)

If you would like to try working with copper clay see details for the next Mixed Metals workshop in March 2012.